Who We Are

ORGANIC SOUL MULTICULTURAL MARKETING, INC. (OSM) is a marketing consulting company that answers the needs of businesses seeking to forge relationships with new multicultural niche markets while utilizing entertainment content and strategies. We create marketing campaigns and events as unique as our clients, including : Umbrella Records, The Living Legends Foundation, J Records, MEAC, Coca-Cola, Jet/Ebony Magazine and Merrill Lynch.

Founded in 1999 by an all -female African American team OSM is headed by Jacqueline Rhinehart, whose experience in entertainment marketing, advertising, publicity and artist management exceeds 25 years of working with the world’s top entertainers and media .

  • Experiential Marketing - Development and implementation of dynamic environments that involve attendees with the brand in a way that creates a profound relatedness (National Tours, Customized Tools, International Travel Experiences).
  • Entertainment Marketing - Creation and development of events incorporating music, fashion, art and technology to tell a dynamic story and bring the consumer closer to the brand (Concert Series, Listening Parties, Interactive Art Events, Film & Television Tie-ins).
  • Strategic Partnering - Creation and management of partnerships with established brands thereby offering our clients a larger audience and shared resources (Restaurant/Club/Retail Partnerships, Joint Campaigns/Promotions, Co-Branded Merchandise).